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All questions about DuPont’s U.S. retiree benefits – or benefits questions related to the proposed merger of DuPont and The Dow Chemical Company and the intended creation of three strong, industry leading, independent companies – should be submitted to U.S.-Retiree@dupont.com. While we will make every attempt to address all general questions that are submitted, we may be unable to address specific merger-related pension benefits questions until after the transaction has been consummated. Please be assured we will communicate with the entire plan participant community as important decisions are made.

If you have questions related to your individual benefits, you will need to contact the appropriate service center. A complete list of service centers can be found on the Contact page.


  • Future sponsorship of the U.S. DuPont Pension and Retirement Plan: On November 1, 2018, DowDuPont CEO Ed Breen shared an announcement regarding the future sponsorship of the U.S. DuPont Pension and Retirement Plan and a recent discretionary contribution of $1.1 billion made in September 2018. Please click here for Ed Breen's letterFAQs related to this announcement can be found here.
  • Funding Notice Plan Funding Security QA April 2018: DuPont has issued the Annual Funding Notice (AFN) for the DuPont Pension and Retirement Plan (the "Plan"). The AFN includes information such as funding of benefits under the Plan, funding and investment policies of the Plan, and administrative facts.
  • 2018 Pension Freeze for Active Employees in the U.S & Puerto Rico (November 2016): THIS DOES NOT IMPACT CURRENT RETIREES. IT ONLY IMPACTS ACTIVE EMPLOYEES IN THE U.S. & PUERTO RICO: On Thursday, November 17, 2016, DuPont announced 2018 changes to retirement benefits for active employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico who participate in the DuPont Pension and Retirement Plan. These changes have no impact on current retirees whose benefits were earned prior to their separation from DuPont.  View the employee letter from DuPont SVP of Human Resources, Benito Cachinero-Sanchez here and some general FAQ’s here.

Important information: The information contained herein is general in nature, is not individual tax advice and may not be used to avoid any tax or tax penalty. Tax laws are complex and subject to change, and their application may vary based on the circumstances. DuPont, its benefit plans and their service providers do not provide tax or legal advice. It is your responsibility to consult your own tax and legal advisors. Any inconsistency between the terms of any electronic, written or verbal communication and the official plan document will be governed by the plan document. While DuPont intends to continue its benefit plans, DuPont reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate its plans at its discretion at any time.